I started working in software development about 11 years ago now, and worked in web development for the past 5 years, and so I have worked on and completed a few software projects and websites. I cannot explicitly link to or name them, but I can at least describe what I did during my time working on them.

I’m still figuring out how exactly I want to display and showcase what I have done so far, but for now I’ll go with a list of the probably most important things.

  • implementation of a local (and social) marketplace with Django (Python) and Wagtail
    • includes full stack (backend and frontend) development as well as server setup and deployment
  • implementation and design of various websites with different technology stacks
    • mainly WordPress sites, a few Drupal sites and the occasional static site…and there was one VueJS site in there somewhere too
  • implementation of custom WordPress themes and plugins for customer websites
  • server administration for Debian, Ubuntu and a little bit for CentOS and Rocky Linux
  • implementation of Docker services, including setting up Django and Celery services in a Docker composition for a research project involving asynchronous “data conversion” modules
  • custom tools like an email signature generator built with Nunjucks and a JSON database
  • this very site